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  • Brilliant method
  • Can be a different card
  • Great gimmick



A circle is drawn on the cellophane of a card box. The circle is shown to your spectator. In this circle you draw one card; this card will be your SECRET PREDICTION. The deck is removed from the card case. The case is placed face down to one side.

The cards are dealt FACE UP one at a time. Your spectator is asked to stop on ANY CARD they like. They really can stop ANYWHERE. The card box is flipped over. Drawn, smack bang in the middle of the circle is the exact card they STOPPED ON.

This sounds too good to be true. It gets better. RESETS IN 2 SECONDS. CAN BE REPEATED WITH A DIFFERENT OUTCOME.

SELF-WORKING. BRILLIANT METHOD. FOURTUNATE is a self-contained, little miracle.

You will love the crazy method. 

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Stars

    Were YOU Fortunate enough to See Mark Mason Demonstrate this FOURTUNATE at a Genii Convention? A great David Jonathan trick!

    I bought one of these after watching Mark dazzle a bunch of magicians in the Dealer's Room. It's unique, easy-to-do, and it will astonish your spectators!

    Mark Mason really has a creative mind and a keen eye for spotting awesome tricks from some of our colleagues, and also for creating many amazing effects himself.

    If it sounds like I am a fan, I have bought about three quarters of the tricks on this website, and I love them all. Watch the video, you will love the effect, and when you receive it, you will love the gimmick. You might even consider yourself fortunate for ordering it!

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