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Tour Dates

Hi there, you can find Mark at any of the venues listed below. Please check out the letters and quotes. I hope to see you there. Drop me an email for exact details on each individual location, time the event starts, etc. Many more events are pending contracts, Please check back for more updates.


Jan 25th Magifest Columbus Displaying
Jan 26th Magifest Columbus Displaying
Jan 27th Magifest Columbus Displaying

Feb 16th Blackpool Convention UK Displaying
Feb 17th Blackpool Convention UK Displaying
Feb 18th Blackpool Convention UK Displaying

Aug 4th MagicLive Las Vegas Displaying
Aug 5th MagicLive Las Vegas Displaying
Aug 6th MagicLive Las Vegas Displaying
Aug 7th MagicLive Las Vegas Displaying

w producer Boston MA:
"You are certainly one of the top performers in the world today. If any other producer or event planner needs a reference on how you can impact their next important event, they need to call me. If they want the best in truly wonderful magical entertainment, they need to call you".

John Derris, Magic Circle council:
"Mark Mason, is one of Britain's leading close up magicians and lecturers".

Richard Kaufman, Editor, Genii Magazine:
"I cannot put it any more simple than this: Mark Mason is the greatest magic demonstrator working today".

Al Cohen, Washington DC:
“The best lecture I have ever seen”

Obie Obrien:
"Congratulations, a standing ovation at the 4F".

John Luka, Detroit, Michigan:
"Thank you so much for performing here in the motor city, you exceeded all my expectations! What a fabulous job".

Glenn Farrington, Desert Seminar Las Vegas:
"Brilliant job, Mark"

Bill Palmer, Houston:
"I really enjoyed your lecture, truly great material".

Danny Archer, LVMI Las Vegas:
"You were great at the LVMI . Many thanks"

Glen Gherardi, Baton Rouge:
"To say you are good is the understatement of the century, I have travelled to see you not once but 4 TIMES"

Charlie Ford, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina:
"Never have I seen a more delightful, witty and entertaining performer"!

George Mathis, IBM Ring 88, Michigan:
“One of the best and most entertaining lectures I can remember EVER attending”.

Scottish conjurers association:
“Do not miss this lecture”

Bill ,Santa Rosa:
"Hi Mark, I had the pleasure of going to your lecture in Rohnert Park ( santa rosa ) on Thursday. It took me 3 and half hours to get there and I have to say it was worth every minute. Thanks for a great evening".

John Bodine, San Jose, CA:
"Hi Mark, Everyone I have spoken with since the lecture greatly enjoyed the evening, loved your style and approach to magic, and were amazed that I was able to get a talent like you to lecture. I only wish you hadn't run out of some of the items. Enjoy the rest of your travels, and certainly contact me should you ever be in the area again".

Wayne DR P:
"Greetings Mark! I'm still buzzing from your presentation on Wednesday night. Thank you so much for coming. We all got a lot out of the time you spent with us. We had 38 people attending. About half of those were guests and half were SAM #112 members. That's a pretty good turn out!

I think the sales figures reflect the hunger for great magic that you brought. Your material makes magic accessible for everyone and makes it fun again. Come fly with me." Well, I love that. Apparently, I'm not alone in loving it. Thanks again. Please call on me if you're ever in the area"

Magic apple store, Studio City:
"I Can't imagine a better lecture -- fun, funny, informative, and tons of ingenious "real world" material that you WILL use ... Including a matrix effect you will fool magicians with, that you can do ONE HANDED!... A foolproof EASY classic force... A card-to-shoe gimmick that you won't leave home without... A clever torn/restored newspaper that will instantly replace whatever version you're currently using ... A simple but astonishing card effect that will automatically become your new strolling icebreaker... The cleanest most no-nonsense book-test I've ever seen... A pre-FISM sneak preview of a new 3Fly that is the cleanest ever... And MUCH more!... Thanks, Mark!... And thanks Brent, Brian and Magic Apple for making available these terrific lectures to our community... Those who've been to these lectures know what I'm talking about ; those in LA area who haven't should be kicking themselves for what they're missing"

Steve Johnson, Grand Illusions, Carmichael:
"Hi Mark, WHAT A TERRIFIC LECTURE! You really did a great job here at Grand Illusions, Mark! Thanks so much for entertaining my people".

Hank Morfin, California magic:
"Mr Mason, I don't want to take up too much of your time, but I wanted to thank you so much for being so generous with your time, experience, and knowledge with us. That was the best lecture I have ever attended. It far exceeded any expectations I had".