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Imagine a Mystery Box that's NOT a box.
Imagine a prop that goes EVERYWHERE your mobile phone goes.
Imagine a gimmick that looks NOTHING like the gimmick
"I know it's hard to IMAGINE, right"? YET ALIBI IS ALL THESE THINGS.
ALIBI is a custom-made gimmick that slots right in amongst your personal credit cards, driver's license, business cards, etc. Even though your Alibi gimmick sits in full view it's NEVER seen. 
You start by asking your spectator, "Would you like to see a really good trick?" OR an ABSOLUTE MIRACLE? 
They will ask for the miracle (They always do!)
Any card is selected and signed, then lost in the deck. In the blink of an eye, you magically find their signed card. 
You offer to repeat the feat, once again burying their card into the deck, only to find it quicker than it was lost.
You now say "This is easy, anyone can do it. Wouldn't it be a really good trick if you found your own card?" They now try to find their own card. Of course, they fail miserably. 
"Oh wait you asked to see the ABSOLUTE MIRACLE"
You now pick up your mobile phone, which has been in full view all the time and NEVER TOUCHED.
Hanging from the credit card holder on the back of your phone is ONE SMALL FOLDED CARD. The card is
removed and handed to the spectator. They unfold the card, it's their SIGNED CARD! AN ABSOLUTE MIRACLE!
Comes complete with:
Alibi gimmick
Lycra credit card holder
Full online teaching video
Video includes:
Mark's Ambitious card routine
Mark's super easy card fold (learn in 10 minutes)
Left or right-handed?
Force or no force routines
Extra ideas & tips
Will it work with ANY phone? 
Answer - YES.
Do I need to have the credit card holder on my phone all the time? 
Answer - NO, You can remove it anytime you like.
Is there writing on the gimmick? 
Answer - NO, it works in any country. No languages to worry about.
Do I have to make anything? 
Answer - NO, Alibi comes complete and ready to go.
Can I reset it quickly? 
Answer - About 3 seconds, if you take your time.
Are there any angle issues? 
Answer - None it can even be performed surrounded.
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