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Prepare to blow people away with Thirteen.

You will laugh out loud when you see both the gimmick and the method for this brilliant piece of magic.
The perfect card at any number, 100% correct every time. No force, a different card every time. A brilliant method and gimmick that allows you to perform this classic effect.
No outs, Only one deck used, Resets itself every time, Always bang on the card.
An incredible piece of mentalism, great gimmick, Simple to do, with MAXIMUM impact.
Perfect for strolling and stand-up performers.

Highest recommendation, this is killer. Come with online video instructions.

A few letters from our customers.

Thirteen. Awesome. A real impossible that is so simplistic. Love that it resets so easy.

Thx, Keith North

Hi Mark, just a quick email to say I LOVE TH1RTE3N, its so cool and a real fooler.
Andy C Leeds.

Thirteen is an off the wall take on the CAAN plot, with an equally off the wall and truly ingenious solution. Very few effects go straight into my repertoire, Thirteen is one of them. You will chuckle at the genius of the gimmick. This effect really will knock your audience for six.
paul hughes wigan

Hi Mark I have Thirteen and this may be the trick of the year. I also just pruchased Hung drawn and quartered and it is also fantastic. Thanks Steve Hollifield USA.

I purchased a red th1rte3n from JB last week and have just ordered another one online. Keep up the great work. WHAT A TERIFFIC TRICK.
Bill F Hampshire.

Hi Mark, just got your Thirteen today and played about with it, it's very good, easier than what I thought it would be. I'll be using it the next time I'm out, like it alot.
Cheers Mark, Steven Holt.

Highly recommended, it's the best
Darren Snelgar

Mark: I just received 13 in time to do it Sunday for my Grandaughter's 13th Birthday. It is so good, a real winner. It really Rocks just as it is, this is one of your better products.
Ron Gardiner Ephrata PA USA

Mark, TH1RTE3N looks so good and its so easy to do. Gary Bowes Read.

Received 13 this morning, your right I laughed out loud, FOOLED MY WIFE, it must be good. Thanks for the great service.
Chuck P. Nebraska

How do you keep putting such brilliant tricks out. Thirteen has to be your best yet.
Chris S. London

Great job on 13, i will recommend this to all my friends.

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Stars

    Thirteen is a wonderful trick. No skill is required and the method is easy and in the same time genius. You cannot wrong with it. Buy it.

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